How Publicisto works

Publicisto is a service where you create, publish and distribute subscription-based digital publications. There are no obligations what so ever in trying out the service. When you get paid we get paid. You only pay us a fraction of your subscription fee.

How do I get started?

To start using Publicisto you need to:

1. Create a publication

When you submit your email address for the first time you will receive a sign in link from us. The link will take you to the main page where you create a new publication by giving it a name and decide for a domain.

2. Connect Stripe

Publicisto uses Stripe to handle subscription payments. You connect your Stripe account through a simple authentication process. If you do not have a Stripe account it is easy to create one from within Publicisto (setting up a Stripe account is free. Stripe charge by transactions).

3. Set the subscription price

When the publication has a name and payment service set up, you set the monthly subscription price. This is the price your subscribers will pay each month. For subscribers that sign up for a yearly subscription there is a built in ten percent discount.

How do I publish?

You use the Publicisto Editor to add text, images, embed codes and other types of content to your issue. We save all your work as drafts so you can work on an issue as long as you want.

When you are ready to publish we send the complete issue to all your subscribers via email. We also submit it to the publication's web archive, accessible to your subscribers only.

We add a sample RSS of the issue to your subscription page for potential new subscribers.

How do subscribers get access to the publication?

New subscribers receive all upcoming issues through email. Subscribers also have access to earlier volumes on the publication's Publicisto page.

How much do I earn?

You set your own monthly subscription price. The price calculator will show you how much of this you get after transaction costs and platform fee.

What does it cost?

There are no upfront cost or fixed base fees. You only pay a percentage of your sales and payment transaction fees:

The Publicisto commission is twelve percent of your monthly sales. We take out this fee when you get direct payments from your subscribers through Stripe.

In addition, Stripe take a transaction fee. The size of this fee depends on geography. Generally, the fee is 20-30 cents per transaction plus three percent of the sale. You can visit Stripe's price calculator to see how their pricing works.

To make it easy Publicisto show how much you can expect to earn when you set your subscription price.

Do I give away any rights?

You don't give away any immaterial rights. Under "User content" in our terms of service you have sole intellectual property ownership and right to use of all of your submitted Content.

Can I have more than one publication?

You can have an unlimited number of publications on your account.

Can I offer my publication for free?

The platform is tailored for the subscription model. However, you can publish free issues you can use to market your publication and show potential subscribers what they get if they subscribe to your publication. You can also have free subscribers who get notifications when you publish new issues.

Each publication has its own subscription page where a sample RSS of the issues is available in addition to the free issues you decide to publish. You will also get an option to make archived volumes older than twelve months free to public access.

Do Publicisto have ownership of my subscribers?

No. Your subscriber's subscription agreement is with you and your Publication.

Can I connect my Publicisto account to another payment provider than Stripe?

We are currently only supporting Stripe accounts. If Stripe does not support your country today, you can check out their global roll out plan and sign up to be notified about when they open for accounts in your country

Why Stripe?

What is Stripe and why do you have to sign up for an account with Stripe to use Publicisto?

To be able to receive payments from subscribers on Publicisto you have to have a Stripe Account. We have chosen Stripe as the payment provider on Publicisto because they are among the leading international payment platforms. They provide all we (and you) need to make transactions on Publicisto as frictionless as possible.

You own your own subscribers

Publicisto connects your Stripe account to your Publicisto account. In this way you get full control over the transactions. When someone decide to subscribe to one of your publications on Publicisto they buy it from your Stripe account. You own both the transaction and the customer relationship and have full access to them in your Stripe account.

You get payments without delay

Since the subscriber's payments are connected to your Stripe account, payments are immediately transferred to your Stripe account without delay. Stripe makes sure that their payment transaction fees and Publicisto's share of the transaction is deducted before the money is transferred to your account.

Your subscribers pay with their preferred cards and in currencies they know

Stripe accept 135 + currencies and they provide a variety of payment options for your subscribers so you do not have to worry about your subscribers being able to sign up and pay with their regular cards and in their preferred currency.

You get all the benefits of Stripe

The Stripe account you establish is a normal Stripe account. You are free to use it in contexts other than Publicisto.