Why Stripe?

What is Stripe and why do you have to sign up for an account with Stripe to use Publicisto?

To be able to receive payments from subscribers on Publicisto you have to have a Stripe Account. We have chosen Stripe as the payment provider on Publicisto because they are among the leading international payment platforms. They provide all we (and you) need to make transactions on Publicisto as frictionless as possible.

You own your own subscribers

Publicisto connects your Stripe account to your Publicisto account. In this way you get full control over the transactions. When someone decide to subscribe to one of your publications on Publicisto they buy it from your Stripe account. You own both the transaction and the customer relationship and have full access to them in your Stripe account.

You get payments without delay

Since the subscriber's payments are connected to your Stripe account, payments are immediately transferred to your Stripe account without delay. Stripe makes sure that their payment transaction fees and Publicisto's share of the transaction is deducted before the money is transferred to your account.

Your subscribers pay with their preferred cards and in currencies they know

Stripe accept 135 + currencies https://stripe.com/docs/currencies and they provide a variety of payment options https://stripe.com/en-no/payments/features#payment-options for your subscribers so you do not have to worry about your subscribers being able to sign up and pay with their regular cards and in their preferred currency.

You get all the benefits of Stripe

The Stripe account you establish is a normal Stripe account. You are free to use it in contexts other than Publicisto.